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Your Injury Doesn't Have to Hold You Back

If you've been involved in an accident, whether it's on the road or at work, your injuries can prevent you from leading a happy and healthy life. In addition, the accident may have thrown a financial burden on you because of medical bills, necessary repairs to your car, or halted your income because you can't work.

Working with a personal injury attorney in Richmond, Virginia may not speed up your healing process, but I can use my resources, knowledge, and skill to pursue compensation for your injury so you won't have to worry about paying bills and providing a roof over your head.

Getting injured at work can hold you back from your life by forcing you to stay at home and recover. As an experienced, compassionate workers' compensation attorney, I can help you fight for compensation for all of the pain and suffering that you have endured, especially when the accident was not your fault to begin with.

My office in Chesterfield, Virginia serves clients throughout the city of Richmond, Chesterfield and Henrico Counties. To meet with me, go over your case, and explore your options, schedule a free consultation. Don't let the responsible party off the hook. Take back control of your life today.

Seasoned Litigation Skills & Legal Expertise

I have been a litigator since I began my career more than thirty years ago. To be a successful litigator, you must be able to tell a convincing story that correlates with your clients' goals in order to reach a resolution that they are happy with given their specific situation.

Through the years, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience that can help you accomplish your goals for your case. Whether it's a large settlement for your injury or attempting to leave the smallest mark on your driving record — with me at your side, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

I will create a plan to help your case that includes investigating the facts, interviewing any witnesses, and integrating all of the above into a convincing argument to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

My clients throughout Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia come to me for various litigation matters — including traffic violations, personal injury and workers' compensation cases, and wrongful death lawsuits. My goal is to help you create a better future for yourself by overcoming the legal obstacles you may be facing. If you need effective legal guidance, call my office to schedule a free consultation.