Jurors Asking Questions

In recent months the case of The State of Arizona v. Arias, raised an interesting question:  “I thought only the lawyers can ask questions; how can jurors be allowed to question a witness (in the Arias case, the defendant)?”

Brief facts for context:  Jody Arias was charged with murdering her boyfriend Travis Alexander.  Arias plead not guilty and provided a defense of “self-defense.”   Although she had a Fifth Amendment Right to “remain silent,” Arias took the stand in her own defense.

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Mugshot: ‘Double-texter’ caught driving with knees?

Please note most states are cracking down on texting while driving. As we know, it only takes a split second of distraction to lead to an accident that can result in serious injuries or in some cases, death. The case below apparently illustrates a driver with “no hands” on the wheel, but two hands on his phones. Read more at http://www.hlntv.com/article/2013/04/09/mugshot-man-drives-knees-double-text.

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The Unknown Villain in the Insurance Industry

I see plenty of advertisements, to include television, radio and print in which the insurance industry is portrayed as the evil villain who only wants to “trick” people in settling their claims for much less than it is worth. As you have probably heard, a “superhero is only as good as his foe.” Although, insurance companies in some cases may display harsh tactics, the real “villain” however in a lot of cases is the minimum insurance coverage available or worse yet, no insurance coverage at all. I heard a statistic recently on “television” that revealed “1 out of 5 cars involved in accidents, were not insured.” Remember, for the most part, automobile insurance coverage applies to the vehicle, and not specifically the driver.

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